Dirty Vibes Lawsuit


Dirty Vibes Federal Lawsuit against RCT and Donald Hughes II

News and Updates involving the DirtyVibes Lawsuit with Right Connections Travel

New Updates:

On June 30, 2023- Appeals Ruling by 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (this Ruling is a combined ruling on both appeals filed by RCT). The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling denying two (2) separate appeals filed by Don Hughes’ RCT challenging the validity of the Injunction against them and the imposition of sanctions. The 9th Circuit denied all claims and found there was no error in the factual and legal findings by the lower court.”

On April 17, 2023- Order Granting Sanctions- The federal court in Nevada ruled on Desirous Parties’ Emergency Motion to Dismiss and for Sanctions due to Don Hughes and RCT’s continued violations of the Injunction against them prohibiting them from using the Desirous Parties’ DIRTY VIBES trademark. The Judge did not determine whether the burden for dismissal was met. However, she found that Hughes and RCT continued to violate the injunction and ordered them to pay sanctions in the amount of $46,766.00.

To all members and guests of DirtyVibes.com which is owned, trademarked, copyrighted and produced by Desirous Parties Unlimited Inc.. 

We have received a lot of questions since our Dirty Vibes® announcement on December (2020) terminating the vendor relationship with Right Connections Travel (RCT) and Donald Hughes II.  

A lot of confusion continues to be caused by Donald Hughes II and Right Connections Travel (RCT) misusing the DirtyVibes® brand along with the signature brand trip names created exclusively by the production team at DesirousParty®. This concerns multiple facets including T.M. Infringement and intentional confusion by the listed parties. 

No one likes drama, and we definitely understand that. However, given the ongoing confusion in the market regarding Dirty Vibes®, we felt it necessary to inform our clients about this scenario. So they receive the quality events they have come to expect that are produced by the Desirous Party® team. 

As such, please note the following: 

As always Dirty Vibes® and Desirous Party® is a reflection of each and every one of you, and we thank you for your support. 

We are now handling travel operations in house via DesirousParty® Vacations to give our guests the VIP treatment from the time you make your reservation throughout your entire travel/party experience. 

We are committed to the long term quality and premium experience that our guests have come to expect from our brands.

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